Beware of These Common Road Construction Errors

Road construction accident.

The number of probable errors that can happen in road construction is immeasurable, but below are some of the most frequent examples:

Incorrect signage

Motorists must be given enough road construction warning. State and federal regulations require the kinds of signs that ought to be used, the places where signs ought to be placed, and how many signs that ought to be used. Construction company’s failure to use the correct warning signs can cause an inadequate warning to motorists, which, in turn, can cause injuries to either construction workers, motorists, or both.

Leaving an unsafe condition in the roadway

Frequently, active road construction can entail uneven pavement temporarily. However, the unmarked or uneven roadway can be dangerous to motorists, mostly to cyclists. Standards differ by state, yet as a case, regulations could entail any ridge of more than two inches to be marked, with proper signs to provide warning of the reduced speed and need for caution.

Road construction accident.
Road construction accident.

Poor Road Conditions Following Construction Has Been Finished

Even when the construction has long been finished, vehicle accidents due to poor road conditions could still cause claims against the road’s “owner.” Frequently, these claims are based on improper maintenance, instead of negligent construction.

Personal Injury Cases from Road Construction Injuries

Either a motorist or a construction worker could file a claim against a construction company for construction injuries. Since the two types of cases are usually similar, we will talk about them together. To succeed in a personal injury case for harm due to road construction, a harmed individual should establish three elements in proving negligence.

  1. Duty. With some exceptions, a company responsible for road construction has an obligation to keep a construction area safe for both motorists and workers. In a case, the contentious question is often, “what makes up a construction zone SAFE?”

Two answers are possible here. The simplest one is that construction companies should stick to state and federal safety regulations. Second, a construction company may need to take reasonable safety measures aside from abiding by regulations to keep the safety of a construction zone.

A rainy night on the road
A rainy night on the road

2. Breach of Duty. Any construction company’s failure to meet the duty to keep a safe construction zone can add up to negligence. For instance, if a company had a responsibility to provide motorists at least a half mile of warning before a construction area if the company is unable to offer at least that such a warning, the company violated its duty and acted neglectfully. And, if this breach resulted in injury to either a motorist or an employee, the company could be legally responsible for the injury.

3. Harm Due to the Breach. In car accident and personal injury lawsuits, the most common kinds of damages are:

  • property damage (car repair or replacement costs)
  • medical costs
  • lost income (for period missed from the workforce because of the injury)
  • pain and suffering
  • normal life loss (the reduced quality of an individual’s life due to the injury).

Final Thoughts

Road accidents are quite common they have become quite common we often don’t realize they are happening around us until we become the victims. If you or any relative is injured because of road accident, it would help to hire an attorney to investigate your situation. You must know that you are entitled to compensation for damages you’ve suffered. Your attorney will help you get that compensation.